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Ray Pardo


My daughter emailed me your blog.
Your list shares many of my favorites and links me to some new.

However, why do you ignore the "cyberpunk" sub-genre ? Especially Wm. Gibson ??


Bruce Berger

With 1980 as the cutoff, I'd think William Gibson's /Neuromancer/ would have to be on the list.


Both of you are correct. I think perhaps the cutoff for this list must have been later, like '85 or '90. That also explains the absence of Ender's Game.

Ray Pardo

Not trying to be too argumentative, but if you include Banks' Culture series you are in the same publishing time period as the second 2 of Gibson's Sprawl series, hence invalidating the "cut-off" argument.
I think that the problem is your source has left out the major cyberpunk authors for a reason and hence you must find another source for your list of "Classics" or change your title. To leave cyberpunk out of modern Sci-Fi is just not possible.

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