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Citizen of the Galaxy was the first Heinlein novel I ever read...I was babysitting for an Army dentist when I lived in Germany...he lived so far out in the Economy that he didn't get the Armed Forces Network, so he lent it to me....I'll have to check out some of the others....


It depends: is William's Cyberspace world the setting for R Talsorian's original Cyberpunk game or not? Technically not, but I've seen Gibson say in interviews that he was in talks with a gaming company to make a Cyberspace game, but they fell through. I suspect he was referring to Cyberpunk. Apparently the problem was that Gibson couldn't give them enough background information to make a game; he hadn't developed the world past what he immediately needed for the novels. Which is what gives the trilogy their brilliance, the visceral tangibility of the world, the way it was so close to our own, the feltedness of it. It was completely unabstract, totally concrete. That's why I've loved it.


I made the assumption that the sheer number of generic "Cyberpunk" setting sourcebooks would cover Gibson, Blade Runner, et al.

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