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Alexander Jablokov

I work with a definition of SF something like "systems-thinking-based fiction using concepts that aren't true." The lack of truth frees a certain type of reader's mind to work with concepts, situations, and characters it would otherwise reject out of hand, find boring, or not understand.

So SF has to find new tropes or die, because once they become true they become useless for SFnal purposes. As you point out in that other post, most social thinking in the field is pretty banal, so relying on that for genre energy is doom.

The question, of course, is whether we have passed a condition of "peak trope". Are there undiscovered trope reserves of untrue SFnal concepts? We both suspect there aren't.

To make our metaphors last we have to reduce, reuse, recycle--virtuous in the real world, tedious and unoriginal in the fictional world.

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