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"even though the author had to overcome being Canadian."


Brian Rogers

What appeals to me are, in no particular order:
1) I don't want to build something entirely new in terms of themes and setting. I've no problem with running a fantasy about easily-distracted noble swordsmen, or young kids from small towns who find a dungeon and end up saving the kingdom, or the crew of a Utopian-era space ship exploring the galaxy. I also don't have a problem running for angst filled monsters scrabbling to hold on to their humanity. I all cases someone else has done the heavy lifting, it's just in the last one it was a particular game company rather than generations of other creators.

2) If I'm going to do a theme or setting I want to get it _right_. I don't want a game system that's "close enough" or "that generic system that we have lying around or "any game can handle any setting with the right GM." I've no desire to use a backgammon board to play chess, and while I let someone else do the theme work I'll do a lot of heavy lifting to get the mechanics right - but if someone else already has then I've no problem appropriating their work.

3) I usually like things that are pure in their emulation - I want a western, not a western with monsters. For all that "An Invitation" was a Steampunk Mission Impossible it was also just Castle Falkenstein (someone else did the theme/setting heavy lifting) focused on the espionage that is already present in CFalk.

4) When I do have a mash up I want it to be something _new_. Mech & Matrimony works for me not just because no one else had ever mixed Jane Austen with Giant Robots, but to my knowledge no one else had ever done a Jane Austen RPG at all.


Now, Chuk, I'm not criticizing Robin. I think it's inspiring how much he's achieved despite his handicap.

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