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L. Beecee

Like this one. In a few years Robert can use these for class essays, if he is unscrupulous and clever enough.

Michael S. Schiffer

Kipling made a similar point in the (now very romantic) 19th century in his poem "The Kng": http://www.poetryloverspage.com/poets/kipling/king.html


Michael: Kipling! That's who wrote that poem! I was sure it was Chesterton, and spent a good half hour skimming through everything I could find by him, only to come up empty. Thanks!

Michael S. Schiffer

You're welcome! It's one of my favorites. But I can see associating it with Chesterton.

On a slightly different note, have you read Randall Garrett's "Despoilers of the Golden Empire"? I was reminded of it by some of what you write above. (But I don't want to say too much if you haven't. It's on Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/24091/24091-h/24091-h.htm )


I think Heinlein kind of touched briefly on this in Tunnel in the Sky.

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