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Rebecca Dono Healy

The recent PBS Sherlock has sparked in interest in the original Doyle stories in my doesn't-like-to-read-anything twelve year old. That further sparked an interest in short 'locked room' puzzels which we do on car rides. I'm glad for anything that get's her to read.

I've read most of Doyle/Holmes mysteries and I find the he's more interested in the setup and it seems like he's bored with the solution and ends things abruptly.

L. Cambias

I still get carried away by the great country house weekend murder. Think of Dorothy L Sayers and her wonderfully intellectual puzzles that only Lord Peter could solve. Did you know that she was a frustrated theologian?


Not so frustrated, as I understand it. I've seen some very favorable references to her religious writing.


My opinion is that the mystery stories from the past years are beggining to look more realistic these days.

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