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Glad you liked my Iron Totoro costume!


Stephen: It was a great costume! The only thing I can't understand is how the heck you got it to Atlanta.

Gregory Benford

A friend wrote to me:
"Just got home from Dragon Con in Atlanta, feeling trampled and a bit dejected. The attendance figure I heard for this megacon was 75,000; it was spread out over four large convention hotels and just about took over the entire downtown area. But if there were more a dozen or so people who’d ever heard of me or my work, they kept themselves hidden. And the ones I met were mainly 50 and older. I’m seriously considering writing space opera for my next novel … that seems to be the closest to traditional SF that the younger readers want to get. Still, it was an all-expense paid trip, so I can’t complain (much)."


To answer (albeit a bit late), Totoro is actually a giant hoop skirt. I can fit him into two suitcases :)

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