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Vonne Anton

I don't know. You haven't read any of my stuff yet. Might prove you wrong.


Well... That or a protracted legal battle with George Lucas over who wrote Darth Vader into his work first. Remember, Marty and the Doc are responsible for the creation of, at least, 3 alternate timelines that we know of.

Alexander Jablokov

Maybe McFly Sr. wasn't a big media fan. He did make enough money from royalties to buy his boy a new 4x4 as a present. Not something most SF writers can say.

For most people, a good commercial sense more than makes up for an inability to remember the name of the nightmarish figure that finally scared you into including a SASE in your submission.

Jo Walton

Maybe he wrote the Star Wars script, or suggested the name to the person who did?

But you're absolutely right about the idiocy of needing to believe it. People often ask me if I believe in magic, totally expecting me to say I do. I explain slowly and carefully that if I did it would be a terrible handicap for me as a fantasy writer, because I'd be stuck writing about magic that works the way I believed it did, instead of being able to make up lots of different ways for, you know, fiction.

Fiction. It means we make it up!


It is possible for the son to look like another man. Google telegony.

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