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L. Cambias

The crust on the Easter timballo, if my memory is correct, is long macaroni-cooked and cold, stuck to the walls of a souffle dish in a spiral- stuck on with lots of butter. Try "Cuccina Italiano" by L. Carnacina or Ada Boni's "Regional Cooking".


One of my Italian cookbooks calls that "Bucatini alla Flamande." You glue the cooked bucatini into an ovenproof bowl or bombe mold with butter, then cement it in place with a layer of paté, then fill with chicken, ham, truffles, pasta, and bechamel. If I can find a source for bucatini maybe I'll try it.

L. Cambias

Bucatini is not hard to find. I have bought it in a supermarket recently. I think it was Davinci brand, not certain. Whole Foods? It looks like a fat spaghetti. I think macaroni would serve the purpose but is not as neat.

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