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Karl Gallagher

I was tempted by it, mostly because I'd liked SPI's boardgames, but my group went with FASA Star Trek for our SF role-playing.

Chuk Goodin

I don't think I've even heard of this game before. My SF gaming started with Traveller and Gamma World (2nd edition I think?), although I also have a soft spot/nostalgia for Star Frontiers, possibly due to the fancy presentation and the boxed set.

Mr. Tines

The perfect-bound 1982 version is the second edition of the game.

I just dug out my copy, just to check, and it's a box with copyright date 1981. Inside the box are three staple-bound books (Gammaster's Guide, Adventure Guide, DeltaVee), the big star map, plus the four A-size hex-sheets and counters for DeltaVee.

There are also a whole bunch of ancient notes of mine about planet generation, some home-made planetary hex maps (different size icosahedral nets for different size planets), and other jottings. But I cannot for the life of me remember having actually run a game using it.

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