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Excited to see this, Jim!

Andrew B.

Hello! I'm a bookseller and was just handed an ARC of Arkad's World. Naturally, when you gave the rate of movement of the ice-burners that circle the city regularly at the start, I stopped paying attention and did math for a bit. Is the city supposed to be rather small? With towers of a hundred or even three hundred meters, the math comes out to a couple kilometers across, or three square kilometers.

(Ten cm/second ice-burner movement rate, 17 hours for a complete lap, the rest is math.)

Anyhow - whether the city is supposed to be huge and sprawling or small and dense, I've enjoyed what I've read so far and can't wait to get back to the rest of it!


Andrew: Glad you enjoyed the ARC! Yes, I assumed the city was a kilometer across. That's why it's so built-up. Stay tuned for some cool Arkad news in the next few days!

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