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Bought your EARC from baen and it kept me sane on a plane. Thanks! Write more! Write faster! :-P

Reminds me of some vague memories of the Ars Goetia. One of the things I've always wondered about wizards/magic-in-mythology is: Why on earth are the only spirits/beings/etc they manage (or want to) dial so damn unpleasant? If you were some sort of summoner looking for a pen-pal-from-another-universe you'd think you'd want something more than dominance games for offensive power. Sort of tragic: they have this power and *this* is the best thing they can think of doing with it?


I suppose it's just the *uncuriosity* of it that bugs me. Whether or not everyone else "out there" in a hypothetical magic-world is an asshole is something you might not have any control over (though they don't seem to be looking very hard for anything that won't gratify their immediate wants, so I'd suspect selection bias.) They aren't interested in these other beings/places in and of themselves. They have the means to talk with these creatures, (something I'm sure any zoologist would give an eye for wrt animals) and no interest in talking *about* anything. Not to mention compounding that with their lifespans!

PS: Yes - Harry Potter's world is just about as self-involved.


You know, that's an interesting point. I've been compiling notes for a sequel and that's going into the file: why don't the Apkallu just talk with the spirits and demons they command?

I know one reason for their incuriosity, which The Initiate alludes to a couple of times, but presumably someone would want to find out more.

Gregory Benford

Could never take the Potter stuff...now know why!

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