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Ken Burnside

The Alliance-Union and Chanur novels by C.J. Cherryh.

Stephen Kissinger

Both Elizabeth Moon's Familias Regnant and Vatta's War series have a loosely Travelleresque feel despite having FTL communications. The Familias Regnant series delves into the societal effects of anagathics.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Liaden Universe is the other one to come to my mind. The family that it (mostly) focuses on includes a retired Scout, a Master Trader, and a Psion (called dramliza in the series). They were unaware of the game before starting the series, but it would make a great setting for a Traveller campaign.

Mike S.

Cherryh was my first thought too, though her trading ships tended to be family-based rather than assorted adventurers. (Though the protagonists in Merchanter's Luck could be a Traveller adventuring party.)

Poul Anderson's Polesotechnic League stories are so obvious I'm betting they were the Applecline book. I also thought Pournelle's Second Empire rhymed pretty well with Traveller's Third Imperium (and lifted from it in youthful GMing attempts).

More recently, Firefly and its sphere of influence certainly seem as if they could have spun off a gaming table. Becky Chambers' books (especially The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet) feels descended from Traveller via Firefly and Mass Effect.

Miles Vorkosigan himself probably isn't a Traveller protagonist, but assorted Dendarii mercenaries and tramp spacer pilots in that world are. (Miles might be a patron. Or an antagonist. :-))

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