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Jeff Harris

Your New Paradigm is in many old fashioned. Walter Gibson's The Shadow relied on stealth and disguises as old-level criminals to infiltrate and defeat evildoers. The radio version of The Shadow has hypnotic invisibility as crime-fighting accessory.
Thinking about superheroes at the level of Superman are better employed in emergency services (fighting fires, rescuing people from volcanoes & earthquakes or mining disasters. Crime fighting is the least of what they can do. But after a dozen issues of a superhero comic about rescuing people will soon lose readers. Back to fighting super-powered, costumed villainy.
Alan Moore's V was basically a political resistance fighter against an authoritarian dystopian regime. A limited market niche at best.
Yes a new way forward for superheroes is needed. Recognising cities realistically is a first step.

Jeff Harris

Sorry. My sentence should read: "Your New Paradigm is in many ways old fashioned." My fault entirely. Must remember to preview before posting.

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